Sean O'Malley Claps Back at Ben Askren: 'I thought he was smart'

by Aleksandar Urdarevik on August 21, 2020

Sean O'Malley thinks Ben Askren’s criticism toward him was, well, stupid.

O’Malley (12-1 MMA, 4-1 UFC), was stretchered out of the arena after suffering his first pro loss to Marlon Vera at UFC 252. O'Malley rolled his ankle multiple times in the fight, which visibly hindered his movement. Vera pounced on the vulnerability and stopped O’Malley with a TKO late in Round 1.

Askren ripped O’Malley for leaving on a stretcher. It was a sign of weakness, said Askren, and he had another perfectly fine foot he could've hopped off on.

But O’Malley, whose primary concern is maintaining his health, thinks Askren's analysis to reject a stretcher makes no sense.

“I thought Ben Askren was smart,” O’Malley said on “The Timbo and Sugar Show” podcast. “I didn’t know he was slow. You have an opportunity, you (expletive) your foot up. I had an opportunity. Your foot’s (expletive) up, and you have to walk here to there. Or they said, ‘Here, we’ll push you on a little thing with wheels so you don’t have to walk on your (expletive) up foot, make it worse.’ I’m like, ‘God, big Ben – I thought you were smarter. I didn’t know you were stupid.’ It’s just stupid. If you ask the smartest person in the world, you smash their foot and you say, ‘Do you want to walk over there or do you want to be carted?,’ they would take the cart.”

Prior to O'Malley's response, his coach Tim Welsh claimed that "Suga" rejected the stretcher, but it was forced on him.

O’Malley has indicated that he suffered no serious damage to his ankle, but he hasn’t been medically cleared yet. He plans on visiting another doctor for an MRI this week. O'Malley posted a video of him dancing recently, suggesting there is no serious damage. He says he’s good and he just “tripped” in the fight.

What do you think?

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